Diddy May Face Criminal Charges As Potential Indictment Looms


Photo: Getty Images

The possibility of a criminal indictment against Sean "Diddy" Combs is growing bigger by the day.

According to a report CNN published on Wednesday, May 29, a grand jury has been selected to hear evidence against the Bad Boy founder amid Homeland Security's investigation into sex trafficking allegations. Sources also say accusers who have filed lawsuits against Diddy in recent months may be brought in to testify in front of the grand jury in the Southern District of New York. The updates in the investigation are major signs that the Department of Justice is preparing a potential indictment against "Brother Love."

Diddy has been hit with a total of eight civil lawsuits that allege sexual abuse and other offenses ranging from Cassie's initial filing in November, which was settled a day later for an undisclosed amount, to the most recent complaint from former fashion student April Lampros. While investigators have spoken to most of the accusers, the potential witnesses have not been formerly prepped to testify just yet. Feds are still working on gathering more evidence so that their indictment, if one does come down, will be "bulletproof."

While the scathing lawsuits got the ball rolling, federal investigators have also indicated that they're "digging deeper" as the probe widens to include other serious offenses. The investigation is also looking into allegations of Combs using narcotics to drug and sexually assault victims while recording the alleged incidents. They've already interviewed numerous witnesses who were identified on video footage found inside Combs' two homes during both federal raids earlier this year.

Despite the mounting allegations, Combs has maintained his innocence. He previously issued a statement on his Instagram page in which he denied all claims from the lawsuits. However, he did take responsibility for his violent behavior toward Cassie after disturbing security footage showed Diddy beating and kicking his ex-girlfriend at a hotel in 2016. He apologized in a video he posted to social media earlier this month.

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