WATCH: Bear Hiding In Dumpster Scares Elementary School Principal

a bear was found hiding in a dumpster

Photo: Nicholas County Board of Education

An elementary school principal in West Virginia got quite the scare when he was unlocking the dumpsters behind Zela Elementary in Summersville on Monday (May 1) morning.

As James Marsh was unlocking the dumpster, a giant black bear poked its head out. Marsh quickly ran away while the bear jumped out of the dumpster and ran in the opposite direction into a wooded area.

"I didn't even get to open the lid," Marsh told WSAZ. "It just popped out of there like a jack-in-the-box. It let out a pretty loud growl or roar, actually, and that was about the most intimidating thing of the whole event."

After his close call with the bear, Marsh reviewed the surveillance video and showed it to his students.

"The students at the school, they wanted to see it, and I showed it to all of them," he said. "They thought it was just hilarious. I had a couple little girls tell me when you see a bear, you're not supposed to run."

Marsh said that the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources came to the school later that day to try to secure the dumpster so the bear doesn't find its way back inside.

The Nicholas County Board of Education also shared the video on Facebook.

"Who says principals don't deserve hazard pay????"

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