Angry Dad Chops Off Daughter's Hair For Getting Highlights

Christin Johnson took her 13-year-old daughter Kelsey to get blonde highlights for her birthday. After a day of pampering, Kelsey was thrilled with her new look and was beaming in photos her mom posted on Facebook. 

Then, Christin dropped the teen off with Kelsey's father and stepmother and when she next saw her, Kelsey looked dramatically different. It turned out her father wasn't happy with his daughter's new look and decided to punish her by cutting off nearly all of Kelsey's hair. 

Apparently, Kelsey's father said, "Actions have consequences," before cutting away Kelsey's locks. The teen was so devastated she couldn't even show her face in photos her upset mother posted online. 

Thankfully, a local wig shop fitted Kelsey with the hair of her choice, bringing the teen's smile back to her face. Her mom thanked Lady Jane's Salon on Facebook for "making my baby feel more like herself!"

Meanwhile, Kelsey's father and stepmom are now not just facing public backlash, but some pretty serious consequences as well. Wood County Job and Family Services have started an investigation into them and both have apparently been suspended from their jobs as firefighters and put on administrative leave.

Photo: Getty Images

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