Birdman Reveals Life-Changing Alteration He's Making To His Face (PHOTOS)

After removing the grills, Birdman made a major announcement on social media in regards to his appearance. He decided that he'll be removing his face tattoos. 

Still dating R&B songstress Toni Braxton, it looks like Baby may finally be growing up into a more mature looking man. The Cash Money CEO revealed this new move on his Instagram. But, he's since removed the post. "Takin tattoos off my face #livinlegend #lifestyle #RICHLIFE #Bryanwilliams #kali," he said about his big move. 

Birdman has always been proud of his tattoos. In an interview with Inked Magazine last year, he said: “Some peoples’ tattoos don’t have meanings, but all of my tattoos have some significance. I like my tattoos to have a meaning. Family and money—all of my tats are about family and money.”

He added: “Make sure to not let anything stop you from what you’re trying to achieve. You may have tattoos on you, but that don’t make you a different person. You just have to work harder and keep grinding.”

We can't wait to see the new and improved Stunna. 


Photo: Getty Images


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